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About us

We are verified by time

AJUS GROUP has united seven Lithuanian companies that have been successfully operating in the real estate development and sales and construction sectors for several years.

AJUS GROUP companies have more than ten years of experience in the construction sector.

The main area of AJUS GROUP is real estate projects. Apartments and suites for living and rest, commercial premises and their rent are our business card.

What makes us stand out

The priorities of our work that have allowed us to achieve such successful results are PRICE, LOCATION, FLEXIBILITY.

AJUS GROUP is a new generation business. It also brought a new approach to the real estate market.

Thanks to AJUS GROUP, it is possible to buy a home for holiday or living in the most beautiful places in Lithuania for those people who only dreamed about it, but their savings and income did not allow it.

We resurrect the past for the future

AJUS GROUP does not buy expensive plots and does not make greenfield investments, which very often makes the final housing prices more expensive for buyers.

We are very actively and professionally looking for large, abandoned, non-residential real estate objects in Lithuanian resort places, close to the sea or forest.

After completing the purchase at a favourable price, AJUS GROUP uses its own construction experience and potential to renovate abandoned buildings and refurbish apartments. This saves even more money by not having to hire other construction companies. Experience and materials ensure value for money.

Customer trust, strong values ​​and a professional team

AJUS GROUP customers have already been convinced of the quality of the homes we sell.

Customers trust and appreciate the objects sold by the company.

Representing a new generation of business, AJUS GROUP strives to focus on green solutions and social responsibility.

AJUS GROUP not only decorates abandoned resort spaces, but also actively participates in their community life. When a house is resurrected, it cannot be left and forgotten, it must be filled with social connections and responsible behaviour.

Good results and harmony come when a company’s values ​​and interests coincide with customers’ values ​​and interests. Such a balance is created by a professional, attentive and caring team of AJUS GROUP, who know their job well.

You will meet AJUS GROUP in the most beautiful corners of Lithuania more than once. Always know that this is a good sign in your life. It is a kind of mascot for your Strong Future.