View, location and whole – these three words could describe the main criteria requested by a newcomer. However, not every district or city can offer this.

In the resorts – a jump in demand

Lithuanian seaside resorts are among the biggest winners in the face of a global pandemic. Having lost the opportunity to rest abroad, a number of Lithuanians decided to purchase holiday homes in Lithuania. Some of these buyers will not be inclined to share private living space, but others expect a return on investment from renting the second home. “Last year, about 700 homes were sold in the primary market in publicly advertised projects alone. Those who do not want to rest by the Baltic Sea also have the opportunity to choose housing in Druskininkai, Birstonas or other resort towns, but both supply and demand in these places lag significantly behind the seaside,” said T. S. Kvainickas.

According to him, the important thing is that the second home is gradually becoming affordable for a growing number of people. Neringa municipality has always been characterized by particularly high prices, but in recent years not only ordinary fully finished apartments have been offered, but also repaired older buildings, albeit with partial finishing, but much cheaper. The same applies to Palanga and Sventoji. “Those who cannot buy housing in the center of Palanga can find suitable options in more remote parts of the city, and Sventoji offers not only cheaper projects, but also housing on the sea shore; the price of such real estate in Neringa is hard to imagine,” T. S. Kvainickas assured.

Currently, the portal also advertises projects in Druskininkai, Palanga and Klaipeda district. Dream housing is offered in the very center of the city in Druskininkai, on K. Dineikos Street. The project consists of 83 apartments, varying from 21 to 63 square meters, and 3 commercial premises. In Palanga it is possible to settle in “Naujosios Vilimiskes” and create your life story in the old lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And in Klaipeda you can choose a house in the project “Truseliu bustas”, which offers houses for the price of an apartment.