Project Description

Tired of inflated real estate prices in Lithuania? Don’t wait any longer! The price is only 1100€/sq.m.

Solar panels are installed on the roof, Electricity is almost free, with the rising prices these days it is a great solution for future residents!

Geothermal heating – the cheapest! Water from the well – Free of charge. Windows A++ class 2 packages. The facade is insulated with 20 cm thick polystyrene. The driveway is currently being paved!

The project is located on two coasts – the sea and the lake. Vacationers can find a compromise here – relaxing at the same time at a very fishy lake and at the seaside, where the entire beach belongs to you… You can get to the beach in 4 minutes via the forest path from the yard!!!

The project area is about 1.3 ha. There are plenty of rest areas with tables, benches and barbecues in the area. There are playgrounds for basketball, volleyball and football. There are swings and climbing frames for children to play.

This project is the best solution for those who miss peace, the sound of the sea, wild nature, fishing in the lake or just being alone…

The absolute majority of vacationers in Pape are Lithuanians.

Pape – 9 km from Racava, 10 km from the Lithuanian border, on the Rucava boat, by the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is separated from the mainland by Lake Pape and large marshes. A road from Rucava comes through a narrow embankment. The vicinity of Pape has been declared a regional park.

As you approach Pape, you are pleasantly surprised by informative tourist signs. It seems to be the outskirts of Latvia, but the tourist infrastructure is well organized.

Even the least considered object is marked, routes for traveling on foot, bicycle or car are prepared, kilometers are indicated and tracks are marked.

Pape is a preserved old-style village, where houses are scattered around the territory. However, no matter how strange and contradictory it may seem, Pape-civilization is almost entirely in the wild.